Barefoot - as one critic put it: the best produced album in the history of Polish music - is actually a new version of the acclaimed Bosa. Still, while it bears the same album cover and general idea, it actually contains around 30 minutes of newly crafted music. Passionate, wild, sometimes weird. Always honest and hauntingly beautiful. Anna's Emarcy debut released in Europe.


Music from the serene fields of Poland. But the same time wild and daring. Carefully arranged for ancient instruments or string orchestra, yet at the same time furiously improvised on prepared piano and a whole bunch of truly jazzy instruments. Possibly one of the most unique recordings you will ever have a chance to experience. With the passionate, Slavic touch of nostalgia. With the pure sound of acoustic instruments. With the cast of the best musicians ever chosen from Central Europe, including ECM recording artist Tomasz Stańko. Rarely before and probably unlikely in the future will you find the music so delicate and deeply touching. Never before have you heard a vocal record so unpredictable that keeps you alert and surprised the last bars.

Track list:
  1. Bukowina I
  2. Nim słońce wstanie
  3. Kołysanka Rosemary / Kiedy będziesz duży
  4. Tęskno mi tęskno
  5. Dwa serduszka cztery oczy
  6. Cyraneczka
  7. Kiedy mnie już nie będzie
  8. Bandoska
  9. Bosa
  10. Nielojalność
  11. Szepty i łzy
  12. Kiedy będziesz duży + Szepty i łzy (video)