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    This autumn Anna Maria Jopek is going for a tour in quartet, her recent concert formation. The musicians play on a myriad of instruments which they switch in the course of playing a piece. The colours flicker and interfuse, the music defies conventions, genres and forms. It seems to have no constraints. 'This project is a lot of wonderful fun, but also a great challenge' - the artists admit. During the concerts, you won't be missing on biggest hits and most beautiful Polish themes.

    The band will perform composed of:
    Anna Maria Jopek - vocals, electronic keyboard
    Krzysztof Herdzin - piano, keyboard instruments, accordion, flutes, calimba, vocals
    Robert Kubiszyn - bass, wave drum, backing vocals, live looping
    Piotr Nazaruk - vocal, flutes, zithar and Polish folk instruments

    1st October 2016 - Gorzów Wielkopolski (Poland)
    2nd October 2016 - Zielona Góra (Poland)
    22nd October 2016 - Suszec (Poland)
    4th November 2016 - Gliwice (Poland)
    9th November 2016 - Żyrardów(Poland)
    10th November 2016 - Kielce (Poland)
    13th Noveber 2016 - Siedlce (Poland)
    14th Noveber 2016 - Białystok (Poland)
    19th Noveber 2016 - Aalsmeer (The Netherlands)
    20th Noveber 2016 - Częstochowa (Poland)
    30th Noveber 2016 - Kalisz (Poland)
    11th December 2016 - Kwidzyn (Poland)


    Early next week, between August 8th and 10th, Anna Maria Jopek will join the brilliant organist Piotr Rachoń for a series of concerts as part of the summer organ festival. They will perform a selection of the most beautiful liturgical songs.

    Get ready for a time-travel through styles and epochs!

    8th August 2016 - Bardo, 19:00
    Bazylika Mniejsza in Bardo (plac Wolności 5)

    9th August - Legnica, 19:15
    Katedra św. App. Piotra i Pawła (ul. św. Piotra 2a)

    10th - Polanica-Zdrój, 19:00
    Kościół pw. WNMP (ul. Kamienna)

    "High tide, low tide, wave after wave. The eternal mantra hummed by the sea," one might want to sing knowing that AMJ is set to perform in the Tricity (Poland).

    Be sure not to miss AMJ and her band's summer show on 31st July 2016!
    The accompanying musicians will include Krzysztof Herdzin, Robert Kubiszyn, Piotr Nazaruk, and Paweł Dobrowolski.

    Tickets are available here:


    This magical merger of AMJ's style and Kroke's music is a clash of two opposite but extraordinary worlds of sensitivity and sound. Their music evokes the in uence of many cultures and brings the past - refers to traditional music as well as future uses innovative technics and form and color. Their own style that borders ethno roots, jazz, classical, klezmer music and even electronica is almost beyond any de ning style.
    Once one listens to their music, immerses into an abyss shimmering with thousands of colors. The music makes a wonderful soundtrack to lm and theater and has been used for this purpose on several occasions. The musicians see themselves as improvisers - explorers, travelling through time and space. Two great voices, one masculine and one feminine, complete this universal piece of art that can be embraced and admired in every latitude.

    We are pleased to invite you to concerts:
    14th June 2016 - Kraków (Poland)
    15nd June 2016 - Kraków (Poland)
    16th July 2016 - Ostrava (Czech Rep.) - Colorus of Ostrava
    30th July 2016 - Pranie (Poland)
    17th September 2016 - Aleksandrów Łódzki (Poland)


  • For the first time in the career Anna Maria Jopek is going to perform in Australia. She is set to perform in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

    AMJ will be accompanied on stage by:
    Krzysztof Herdzin - piano, accordion, flutes, calimba, vocals
    Robert Kubiszyn - bass, wave drum, percussion instruments, backing vocals, live looping
    and in Melbourne by Paweł Dobrowolski - drums.

    29.12.2015 / 20:00 / MELBOURNE Ruby's Music Room
    30.12.2015 / 20:00 / MELBOURNE Deakin Edge
    01.01.2016 / 19:00 / MELBOURNE Fairfax Studio
    03.01.2016 / 14:00 / MELBOURNE Hamer Hall
    03.01.2016 / 20:00 / MELBOURNE Ruby's Music Room
    08.01.2016 / 20:30 / SYDNEY Foundry 616 Jazz Club
    09.01.2016 / 19:00 / BANKSTOWN Polish Club Bankstown
    10.01.2016 / 12:30 / MARAYONG John Paul II Polish Hall
    10.01.2016 / 20:00 / SYDNEY Foundry 616 Jazz Club
    16.01.2016 / 18:00 / BRISBANE Polish Club Polonia of Brisbane
    17.01.2016 / 18:00 / BRISBANE Jazz Club

    Feel invited to see this!


    As with Noa, an outstanding Israeli singer, who only rarely performs in Poland (but when she does she's always a blast!), it is a rare occurrence to watch Anna Maria Jopek sing in Israel. Despite that, the two's paths are soon going to cross... as many as three times! AMJ and Achinoam Nini (which is Noa's real name) are set to perform together in Tel Aviv (Nov 25), Herzliya (Nov 27), and Zikhron Ya'akov (Nov 28). Get ready for three musical feasts! "The fact that Pat Metheny fell enough in love with her to want to produce her album speaks for itself," says Marcin Kydryński about Noa. "She is one of the most brilliant vocalists, composers, and songwriters from Israel."

    More details:

    The project is supported by Polish Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv.

    One of the greatest figures of the jazz world, the saxophonist and composer Branford Marsalis, will star in the anniversary edition of the BMW Jazz Club. He is to appear with a new and surprising repertoire during three concerts: on 3 December in Bielsko Cultural Centre, on 4 December at the Grand Theatre in Warsaw, and on 7 December in the Karłowicz Philharmonic in Szczecin. Tickets go on sale today.

    Prepared especially for the tenth edition of the BMW Jazz Club is a premiere project called "Bezgranicznie". Branford Marsalis and the excellent Polish musicians will create a jazz superband which will interpret Polish classical, jazz, and folk music. Branford Marsalis is an artist combining different climates and styles: jazz, classical, and world music. He earned broad popularity with the famous opening note and the solo in the "Englishman in New York". - He is an uncompromising musician, curious about the world, who accepts challenges. An artist I won't hesitate to call epoch-making. Nobody in the world is a better match for the phrase: "Bezgranicznie" [Limitlessly] - says Marcin Kydrynski, the originator of the concert. - "B" - like "Limitlessly". No limits, no borders, no divisions, no prejudice, no complexes, no fear. "B" - like Branford.

    Artists known from previous editions of the BMW Jazz Club as well as new guests will appear on stage on the occasion of the jubilee. Anna Maria Jopek, who also supervises the artistic aspect of the project, will perform on stage. The Jazz superband will be co-created by: Mino Cinelu, Maria Pomianowska, Adam Strug, Atom String Quartet, Marcin Wasilewski, Robert Kubiszyn and Pedro Nazaruk. Stanislaw Soyka will join the ensemble in the Grand Theatre.

    When, together with Anna Maria Jopek, we began to think about the the BMW Jazz Club jubilee, the dream choice was Branford Marsalis - adds Marcin Kydrynski. - This brilliant musician had previously worked with Ania on the "ID" album and responded immediately to the new proposal, but set a condition that we propose a repertoire to him, surprise him and throw him an artistic challenge.

    The creators of the evening do not want to reveal any more details about the repertoire. We only know that the theme of the "Bezgranicznie" concert will be Polish compositions. Krzysztof Herdzin is charge of arrangements. The rest remains a surprise.

    We are pleased to invite you to three exclusive concerts:
    December 3, 2015 - Bielsko-Biala, Bielskie Centrum Kultury, 7 PM
    December 4, 2015 - Warszawa, Teatr Wielki - Opera Narodowa, 8 PM
    December 7, 2015 - Szczecin, Filharmonia Szczecin, 8 PM



  • POLANNA special concert in Wrocław

    On 11 November 2015 (Poland's National Independence Day) Anna Maria Jopek is performing special concert in Wrocław (Narodowe Forum Muzyki, 19:00).
    She is going to present Polanna Project with the great musicians: Maria POMIANOWSKA, Adam STRUG, Mateusz POSPIESZALSKI, Piotr NAZARUK, Marek NAPIÓRKOWSKI , Rafał KWIATKOWSKI, Krzysztof HERDZIN, Paweł DOBROWOLSKI. Guest appearance: STANISŁAW SOYKA.

    Polanna - a neologism coined to describe AMJ's music that derives directly from the Polish traditional and classical music. AMJ sings and improvises drawing inspiration from the works of Chopin, Moniuszko, Szymanowski and even of renaissance Wenceslas from Szamotuły. It is her attempt to reach the essence of the Slavic soul in music. AMJ collides modal nostalgia with feisty Polish dance rhythms. The combination triggers jazz improvisation and gives the listener a chance of discovering universal space of eclectic sound, beyond time and borders. Her desire is that they transcend their native culture, reaching the world in ways that genres such as Brazilian Bossa Nova have done. She sees it as a musical code that is deciphered and known worldwide, a musical convention which inspires people everywhere. Polanna not only impresses with its originality, it also depicts what AMJ considers most beautiful in the musical tradition of her homeland.

    11 November (Wednesday) - Wrocław (Poland), 20:00
    Narodowe Forum Muzyki (Plac Wolności 1)
    Poland's National Independence Day - special concert


    This is another episode of AMJ's Japanese adventure. She gave many concerts at Blue Note Tokyo, performed with Makoto Ozone at Kioi Hall and Tokyo Opera... Quite recently, she also became an ambassador of Polish-Japanese friendship.
    Here goes the continuation! On September 5th, AMJ is set to perform at Tokyo International Forum Hall, in front of 5,000 people, as part of Tokyo's most import jazz festival. During the festival, clubs and outdoor venues in Tokyo will provide a stage for as many as two hundred artists. Anna's presence among these renowned musicians fills us with genuine pride!
    Stay tuned for more. In the meantime, please visit

    Organized in collaboration with

    Anna Maria Jopek has a guest appearance in Richard Bona's concert. Their performance is scheduled on 4th July 2015 in Wadowice (Poland) during Młyn Jazz Festival. You cannot miss a chance of seeing them together on one stage!


    Anna Maria Jopek has been awarded the Knight's Cross of Polonia Restituta (one of Poland's highest Orders) - for outstanding achievements in artistic and creative work and for popularising Polish music in the world.

    zdjęci: Wojciech Olkusnik - Kancelaria Prezydenta Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej

    The #mindpower (#domasspēks in Latvian) project is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Latvian poets Rainis and Aspazija. It features a collection of 29 short films in which celebrities from all the EU Member States read excerpts from the works of Rainis and Aspazija in their native language. The project is a part of the Presidency cultural programme. In the 13th episode of #mindpower, Anna Maria Jopek and Latvian journalist Eva Ikstena-Strapcāne interpret the poem "The Time of Heroes" by Rainis. In this episode, Anna Maria Jopek is accompanied by bass player Robert Kubiszyn. They improvised "Tęskno mi tęskno" (Polish folk song) together. Find out more: or

    A special thanks to Teatr Studio and barStudio in Warsaw for their support during the filming of the episode.


    A beautiful, nineteenth-century chapel with ideal acoustics. Its interiors, designed in the Gothic revival style, has for years provided a perfect setting for live music of many styles and flavours. Among the artists who put on their performances there over the past years are, among others, Björk, Damien Rice, Asaf Avidan, Chris Martin, Goldfrapp, The Killers, Agnes Obel, Florence and the Machine...
    On the third Saturday of February 2015, this charming, fairytale-like chapel will be the venue for a "Polanna" concert. Can you imagine a better place to enjoy some sublime indigenous Polish music? Anna will be joined on stage by our favourites: Marek Napiórkowski, Krzysztof Herdzin, Robert Kubiszyn, Paweł Dobrowolski, and Pedro Nazaruk. The concert is set for 8.30 p.m. at the Union Chapel. Hope to meet you there!

    Please find details here...


    'Everyone I work with has brought a unique dimension to my music. No one, however, but Mino has so radically altered the fate of each song. He's a genius of musical pulse, colour, and narrative,' says AMJ about Mino Cinelu. "He was my love from first hearing. When Sting sang his hit 'Fragile,' I was praying to the guy who played an udu groove in the background. And when I started recording my own music I wished I would meet that Guy one day. If not for Mino, Niebo, Upojenie, Farat, Jo&Co, ID would never have come about... Nobody in the world plays percussion instruments like him. He has such a golden, live-giving pulse in his fingers.'

    Mino Cinelu will join AMJ Quartet, a versatile and crazy band of multi-instrumentalists. 'Sky is the limit, says Anna Maria Jopek about the project. We will hear some brand new music, as well as old songs reinterpreted in a new light. AMJ and her special guest will be backed by Piotr Nazaruk, Krzysztof Herdzin, and Robert Kubiszyn.

  • 14 February 2015 - ŁÓDŹ (Wytwórnia)
  • 15 February 2015 - WROCŁAW (Concert venue of Radio Wrocław)
  • 17 February 2015 - BIELSKO-BIAŁA (Bielskie Centrum Kultury)
  • 17 February 2015 - WARSZAWA (Teatr Studio)

    Please find details here...


    12.11.2014 - Tokyo International Forum Hall C (,
    13.11.2014 - Club 104,5 (


    Anna Maria Jopek is lined up to perform in USA and Canada this year. The date of the two opening New York concerts has been confirmed as Nov 5, 9:30 and 11:30 pm. Both recitals will take place at Joe's Pub, a place famous for its openness to musicians of all backgrounds. Some big acts have made their way through the small room over the years, like Adele, Alicia Keys, Dolly Parton, and Youssou N'Dour.

    For AMJ, NYC is just the beginning of her forthcoming tour on this side of the globe. The next stops include Chicago (Nov 8, Copernicus Center) and Toronto (Nov 9, Polish Cultural Centre). Please find more details in our concert schedule.

    Anna Maria Jopek performs three "Polanna" concerts in China. Here is the schedule:

    12th September 2014 - Shanghai (China), 19:30 - Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre
    14th September 2014 - Wuhan (China), 19:30- Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall
    16th Sptember 2014 - Beijing (China), 19:30- Forbidden City Concert Hall, Beijing


    Anna Maria Jopek is set to perform at Belarusian State Philharmonic, Sep 24, as part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Polish Institute. Tickets are already on sale!

    It's been 20 years since AMJ held her very first concert in Belarus. She sang in Vitebsk, at the 1994 edition of the "Slavic Bazaar" festival. "It was my first festival. First competition. First TV and international performance. It was then that I received the award of the jury president, Michel Legrand himself. But the real award was to acquire his recognition. As I finished singing, he placed his hands onto my head and uttered words that changed me. He breathed hope into me, making me believe that I can sing, do this job, that it is my role in life. I will never forget that. Vitebsk was a beginning of something big. It is a very important remembrance," says AMJ in the "Where Minsk" latest issue.

  • Return to The Voice with Anna Maria Jopek

    Anna Maria Jopek is a part of new project called Return to The Voice. It is the brand new theatrical spectacle from the internationally acclaimed, multi award-winning Polish company Song of the Goat (Teatr Pieśń Kozła). Return to the Voice is a passionate ensemble performance inspired by ancient Gaelic and Scottish music, including laments for death and love, psalms and songs of exile. Return to The Voice will premiere in Edinburgh, (St Gilles Cathedral. 6-25.08.2014) this August and will be also showcased in London (Battersea Arts Centre, 28-29.08.2014). More: