Songs from ID (translation):

(voice Anna Maria Jopek)

(music by Anna Maria Jopek, words by Marcin Kydryński)

„Try to speak love with each of your words. Do not fear to be surprised by everything you see. That’s the way to find the world much more beautiful. Don’t withold your tenderness, someone’s always waiting. There’s not much time to waste here. Try to whisper, when sheer chaos surrounds you. Remember there is just one truth. Believe me that a man can not run out of goodness. Try not to think that everything comes to an end. Your sorrow is irrelevant in that case, you know it already, I guess…“. Papa, I repeat your words, they are my signposts, I try to live by them. Yet I am weak. Can you forgive me that I fail, although still try to become the girl you taught me to be? Try to understand me when I raise hundreds of questions. Your easy ways are winding paths to me. Although in my moments of doubt I will get lost so many times, in the end I will return to your arms.

(words and music by Marcin Kydryński)

This song is as shy as the snow in spring. It desperatly tries to name and explain things that are elusive. It came one night to consolate me, saying that whatever happens to us here, does not pass or disappear, but it returns to last in the parallel universe. There is another reality so close to us, yet still unseen, where one day we will be able to live through every moment of our lives once again. Does that mean we will be also able to protect our love? It trembles here in fear of vanishing. This song is a hope for a Twin World, where what once occurred, will echo. I just hope I will be close to you, in this parallel world, for all eternity.

4. ID (voice Anna Maria Jopek)

eng. WHAT IS NOT NAMED (words and music by Marcin Kydryński)

There were so many instances in my life when I was not able to find any adequate, precise words to capture such moments. And whatever is not named properly, vanishes. Whatever is not saved by the words of your language, eventually dissolves and loses its meaning. Becomes lost, irreplaceable, heads for oblivion. So let my tongue obey me and caress you with words, create in you that way and save you. What are the words to describe the heat of this look in your eyes? How can I translate into words this singular shiver of your lip that comes just once and disappears? How shall I write it all down, so your features remain alive and accurate and do not become just a memory in my diary and therefore – something entirely different?

eng. DO WHAT YOU CAN (music by Anna Maria Jopek, words by Marcin Kydryński, Douala parts - music and words by Richard Bona)

A dragonfly has an eye of three hundred thousand mirrors. Now think of it: how all our common evil on Earth pales and seems unimportant compared to this one miracle. You arrive here just once and only for a brief moment. Do what you can, yet try not to harm others. The light from a distant galaxy travels to us for a billion years. Have you ever thought of all the other worlds it passes by? Can they be any better than ours? Allow yourself to be always amazed by whatever surrounds you. Make your life as priceless, as a drop of blood. Take every opportunity you are given, and when you’re finally done, silently close the door behind you. It is not to late to discover that there is this one, common, inner life that you share with a dragonfly.

(words and music by Anna Maria Jopek)

While some people pray for the strong winds on the sea, others pray for the rain, when the soil dries out. I only pray for peace within us both. I still believe there is a chance for us to find this certain calmness to soothe our minds, a ray of warm sunlight to caress our eyelids. This will mark the end of all our fighting, as the rapid end of a high fever. I’m certain we have time yet, so we could look right in each other‘s eyes.

(voice Anna Maria Jopek)

eng. I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU ALONE (music by Anna Maria Jopek, words by Marcin Kydryński)

When you suddenly get lost, alone, somewhere in the deepest night, look up. There, from beneath the crowns of the tallest trees my eyes will continue to guide you. And on the rainy day, when your life seems hard to bear, my shadow will show you the light, a path through the fog. Whatever happens – I will not leave you alone. Although you still have all your life ahead of you, I make this promise: we will meet again. Do not fear. Everything has its time. I will remain close to you, each and every day. When a summer breeze meets your dear face – will you dare to recognize me in its gentle touch?

(music by Anna Maria Jopek, words by Marcin Kydryński)

Suddenly something ends and you feel your life is falling to pieces. You try to turn back the time. In vain. Suddenly you see all the chances you‘ve missed, all the unspoken words and opportunities that have been lost to the past. You keep forgetting that every second of your life is a gift that you have received so that you could forgive, love, leave your mark. You live here without any rehearsal, the meaning of it all inevitably escapes you. You try to avoid whatever is sudden. You keep asking questions, you pray, you become terrified. Yet the happiness will also come suddenly, disguised as something you already know well. Try to see through it. It will softly touch your cheek, fill your sails. Try to be ready. There is no situation in your life when you are allowed to fear that it‘s too late for love.

Anna Maria Jopek - voices, additional keyboards
Paweł Bzim Zarecki - keyboards, loops, programming
Branford Marsalis - soprano saxophone (3, 6)
Tord Gustavsen - piano(3, 9, 11)
Leszek Możdżer - piano (5, 6, 10)
Christian McBride - double bass, fretless electric bass (9)
Richard Bona - fodera bass, vocals & kalimba (6)
Manu Katche - drums
Mino Cinelu - percussion, vocals (7)
Marcin Kydryński - acoustic guitar (3), guitar synthesiser (2)
Oscar Castro Neves - guitar and vocals (9)
Marek Napiórkowski - acoustic & electric guitars (10), guitar solo (2)
Dhafer Youssef - oud & vocals (5)
Krzysztof Herdzin - orchestral (2, 3) & string quartet (5) charts, conductor